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stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes

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stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes

stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes

VIA SERVICES OUTROARS THE ROARING ’20S: More than 450 people stepped back into the Jazz Age for the 23rd annual Via Ball, a “Great Gatsby”-themed black-tie affair that was held Feb. 24 at Villa Ragusa in Campbell. Former KBAY morning show host Lissa Kreisler kept things rolling as emcee, as the guests enjoyed dinner, a live auction and dancing to Velvet Plum. But Via Services CEO Leslie Davis says the highlight of the evening was hearing the Ann and JD Drosche share their story of adopting 17 special-needs children over two decades, many of whom still attend camp at Via Services as young adults.

“I thought, ‘How can I make this more of a sensual journey?’ Part of the journey was to make it personal for each dancer, Also to each audience member, That goes to another big theme in my choreography, which is, ‘How do I transcend that fourth wall?’ How can I stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes go through it, so audience members perhaps can breathe a sigh, when the dancer does, or go as far as to feel the idea of touch.”, The program’s third ballet is Moultrie’s “Jazzin’.” Fushille says, “That was a bit of serendipity, We had hoped to do Michael’s Elton John ballet, But we were not able to secure the rights to use that music, at this time, So I had to quickly change plans, I had been in touch with Darrell for several years, I knew ‘Jazzin” could really complement this program..

The birds live and breed at Berryessa by the thousands, diving below the surface to feast on an abundance of small fish in the lake that also draws fishermen from far and wide intent on landing lunker-sized bass. But Lake Berryessa is contaminating the grebes, a species that tops the food chain in a mercury-tainted waterway where humans are warned to eat game fish sparingly. Nearly nine out of 10 grebes from Lake Berryessa had a level of mercury in their blood high enough to put them at high risk of reproductive impairment, a newly published study has found.

During summer, my mom almost always had a skillet of pisto manchego simmering on the stove, The beautiful thing about stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes pisto is its simplicity: It relies only on good olive oil, salt and the freshest vegetables to make it so incredibly tasty, It’s satisfying warm or cold, served with crusty bread, topped with a fried egg, or tucked into a flaky Empanada Gallega as we do in this recipe, Unlike the individual empanadas of Latin America, the Spanish empanada is a large pie, stuffed with stewed summer vegetables and topped with hard-boiled eggs, This Empanada de Pisto can be sliced into individual portions for a picnic or served with gazpacho and a green salad for a sit-down dinner..

Sound like anyone you know? Me neither. Another statistic sure to raise eyebrows: San Jose’s average commute time was 28.5 minutes; Fremont came in at 32.8. And those numbers weighted down the negative side of the stress scale for both cities. Interestingly, both San Jose and Fremont were noted for having a low divorce rate, which would indicated a lot of low-stressed marriages. But maybe everyone is so busy looking down at their phones, they’re not even noticing when things are falling apart around them.