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Coase argued that instead of granting inflexible licenses based on squishy "public interest" priorities--often warped by political influence--the government should simply auction spectrum to the highest bidder. Under Coase's plan, the auction winner would be granted full properties rights to specific frequencies. The owner could then use the spectrum however they saw fit, and could later resell it without government oversight or approval. The government would only step in if serious problems of antitrust arose.

WhistleGPS, like its predecessor that was shipped to preorder customers last fall, is a slim device meant to be worn around your pet's neck and designed to be light and small enough to be accessible to a wide variety of breeds, It contains an accelerometer and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with a battery oh joy! x incipio for iphone x life of eight to 12 days, While the previous Whistle monitor sold for $130, WhistleGPS will -- for one week only starting today -- be taking preorders for $50, The price will eventually jump to $130, but may not immediately kick up that high after the $50 sale, The company may increase the price incrementally, but Whistle has a slated ship date for its GPS-enabled device for summer 2015, To enable location monitoring, Whistle will charge $5 per month, but will be offering lifetime subscriptions to all existing Whistle owners..

Have you ever nuzzled into your loved one's neck and espied a new and slightly off-putting freeway system of wrinkles has formed in recent times?. There could be a technological reason for this. It seems that all the bending over your phone or iPad is scarring your beauty. My painfully irregular reading of Elle magazine has thrown up this difficult revelation. It's couched in something far more severe than mere mention of new sources of physical imperfection. The headline reads: "Staring Down at Your Phone Could Be Making You Look Older."No one on this Earth wants to look older than they are. Or, worse, older than they look now.

Only a handful of experiences like Chained exist, Many of them -- like Jack and The Horrifically Real Virtuality -- have made waves among theater, film and VR insiders, But until now, they've been removed from mainstream audiences, sticking to events like film festivals, Carne y Arena combines high-end VR with physical sensations, like walking across sand barefoot and being blasted by air to mimic a helicopter passing overhead, to heighten the reality of the experience, Perhaps the most widely seen predecessor to Chained is Carne y Arena, a virtual-reality installation created by Alejandro G, Iñárritu that won the film director a special achievement Oscar this year, Carne y Arena's VR experience doesn't include live acting or motion capture, but it married VR with practical effects oh joy! x incipio for iphone x with high-art polish, and presented this to a wider audience beyond just film festivals, The experience played for months at Los Angeles' LACMA museum and just closed in Washington DC, in addition to other tours internationally..

The dream of connected appliances is happening. LG's Smart Home Service looks to integrate communication among appliances via its SmartControl app. Naturally, LG isn't the only appliance maker looking to dominate the living space. Haier showcased their Smart Living system in an effort to win over future consumers. In what is soon to be a crowded field, Whirlpool announced a new line of appliances featuring their 6th Sense Live technology. When available, the connected kitchen and laundry room appliances still won't be able to actually cook you dinner just yet, but expect to be able to exert simple control over common appliances when they become available for purchase in March.