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Actors learned to sword-fight in VR. Here, Westley duels with Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen, as Princess Buttercup looks on. Hansen, 36, of Denver, took a few deep breaths before the curtain rose. He'd been preparing for this a long time. The nerves were for naught. The audience laughed and applauded throughout the 82-minute production, put on by the Orange Bucket Acting Troupe. This was no ordinary amateur theater production staged in a borrowed middle school gym. The curtain, for example, was virtual. The performance itself took place in Rec Room, a free VR app from developer Against Gravity. The app lets people enter virtual spaces as avatars, where they play paintball, dodgeball and disc golf while strapped into VR headsets. The Orange Bucket Acting Troupe -- 12 cast and crew members from around the world -- pulled off what's likely the first full-length play performed in VR.

There's both a free and pro version, The pro version, which costs $2.99, adds in things like a bookmarklet for saving links from Safari, iphone case xr best a sharing tool to post articles to external bookmarking sites, as well as a full screen browsing mode that gives you more screen real estate than you get in Safari, You can also set it to ignore the iPhone's accelerometer, which lets you read certain content sideways or upside down which can be useful for things like photos, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Touchscreens are very 2007, but I don't think you can beat a standard keypad. For starters, large touchscreens drain battery power and, in general, are rather fiddly to use. Keys you can push produce the kind of tactile feedback that lets you know you've done something without needing to look at the screen. The keypad must be well-designed and large enough to press without needing to use a fingernail. Each key should be separated from the other without being set too far apart. The keys should also be slightly raised in the middle, similar to the Motorola Q 9's keypad, so that they're easy to find with your thumb.

What I will like about Kindle for Amazon is WhisperSync, which keeps track of your place in a book across multiple devices, I've been moving among different Android phones of late, and iphone case xr best it's been a minor annoyance figuring out just how far through "Captains Courageous" my son and I are when reading time comes around, What I won't like about Kindle for Android is what I dislike about it now: there's no way to share a book with your spouse without having a shared account, or to resell a book's rights to a friend..

"New computing devices are becoming increasingly like your personal computer, [so] performance matters and this is where we can add a lot of value..disrupting the entry-level PC," he said. Nvidia sees Android as the agent of disruption. "Android is really quite disruptive. People who enjoy Android phones are going to enjoy Android tablets and Android this and that," he said. Nvidia's upcoming Tegra 4 will be the chip inside those devices. "Tegra 4 is..targeted at tablets, set-top boxes, cars, clamshell devices," said Huang, adding that production of the latest Tegra chip will ramp "quite hard" in the fourth quarter.