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"Cisco views the video surveillance infrastructure market as an immediate high-growth opportunity that requires the ability to support both IP and analog device installations," Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of Cisco's Emerging Market Technologies Group, said in a statement. "Through the acquisition of BroadWare, Cisco will be able to address both existing and greenfield video surveillance opportunities.". BroadWare has 38 employees with offices in California and Virginia. Networking company will spend an undisclosed sum to buy BroadWare Technologies to bulk up its video surveillance business.

Say goodbye to the plastic builds of previous flagship Samsung phones, The Galaxy S6 ushers in a new era of premium design, Here's a look at the most important details from the big reveal, VR technology is excitingly developing and the HTC Vive is a great example, Scott Stein was happily impressed with his experience when taking it for a spin, The steel model of the Pebble Time smartwatch finally popped up and it looks just as we expected, (That doesn't mean we're not happy with the result.), If there was an award for best dressed, the Huawi Watch would be a finalist -- at iphone case best protection least, Pricing and availability have yet to be announced for the stunning smartwatch, but we're expecting it to be as expensive as it looks..

"There is an entire ecosystem here in the United States, from venturecapital to IPOs, that has been established for a number of years. Thesetypes of dynamics have not been in place for a long time in some countries,"Dicioccio said. Europe, including Israel, is by far the most established region outside ofthe United States in providing the right environment for new firms. Asia isa close second, because the region is undergoing a technology boom and needscapital, said Dicioccio. Lehman Brothers is the lead underwriter in KoreaThrunet.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, Expect big things from Motorola, which will launch a range of new mobiles, including 4G phones for the US, It will also be showing off its new iphone case best protection Android tablet, sporting the lastest version of Android, Honeycomb, and rumoured to be named the Xoom. We're expecting a 10-inch screen and brains provided by a 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, If you're playing CES bingo, you just spotted your first buzzword of the game, Dual-core, multi-core or manticore, this will be the year processors get multi-headed, That means faster processing at lower power with longer battery life -- the golden fleece of gadgets, This bright multi-core future is already being plugged for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but plenty more is on the way..

Evans said that his team purposely designed it so users had to have the app running (even in the background) for the alerts to work, which is essentially a fan opting in to the service. He said he doesn't want to surprise anyone. The concerns haven't stopped others from trying different technologies that can track a person's location. Each of them have their own drawbacks. GPS isn't particularly accurate indoors, and quickly drains a device's battery. QR, or quick read, codes require you to open a specific app and take a clear photo, a fairly proactive and distracting task for most people. Even NFC, which many had pegged as the most elegant solution to bridging the phone with a wallet, requires you to tap a specific spot, and doesn't always work correctly.