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iphone 6 screen protector glass

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iphone 6 screen protector glass

However, there is one major design difference that matters: the camera. The camera bumps on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are much larger than previous models, rendering cases and some accessories incompatible. The lens protrusion on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is small and juts out from the casing, almost as if it's glued on. With the iPhone 7, the camera optics are much larger and the casing slightly curves up to the rim of the camera housing. With the iPhone 7 Plus you have a dual-camera layout, which is not just taller than the old optics, it's several times wider, as well.

CNET contacted Mozilla and Foxconn for comment, We'll update the story when we get more information, The two companies invite the press to the unveiling of a new device on June 3, which has rumors flying that a tablet running Firefox OS may be on the horizon, Mozilla and Foxconn have sent around an press event invitation that declares that the two companies will be debuting a new device that runs on a Firefox operating system, according to Focus Taiwan, The event is to take place on June 3, Someone with knowledge of the matter told Focus Taiwan that the new product will most likely be a tablet, Rumors have surfaced lately that Mozilla has been working on a Firefox OS tablet, especially since the company recently debuted two smartphones running on iphone 6 screen protector glass the operating system..

Here are some of the key changes Samsung made to the Note 7's software. Samsung redesigned its core app icons, adding a more subtle look and flair to them. Email, for example, looks nothing like it does on previous Galaxy phones, while apps icons for My Files, Internet and Galaxy Apps are changed only slightly. The same lighter touch Samsung took towards its own app icons spilled over into the quick settings panel. Individual settings are no longer kept inside a circle, instead the icons are placed just above a drop down option for each respective item.

LAS VEGAS -- It gets notifications, It has a fitness app, Yes, the ZTE BlueWatch, a new watch debuting at CES 2014, seems to have the main elements that matter, But iphone 6 screen protector glass what else can the BlueWatch, a debut from Chinese telecommunications company ZTE, add to the equation? Well, not all that much, The BlueWatch has a thick plastic design that's reminiscent of a low-rent Pebble: same style of black-and-white display, except a lower-reflective LCD that lights up via a little LED sidelight like an old-school digital watch, There's no touch screen, either -- like the Pebble watch, similarly laid-out buttons on the right and left navigate into menus or scroll watch faces..

Google typically builds a Nexus device in partnership with a major smartphone or tablet vendor, in the past working with the likes of Samsung, Motorola and HTC. This year, it's Huawei's and LG's turn. Both the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P get a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. Google calls it "Nexus Imprint," and it works with Android Pay, a service that lets you pay at the register with your phone, akin to Apple Pay. The handsets also get upgraded 12.3-megapixel rear-facing cameras, which can shoot better photos indoors, record super-high-resolution 4K video, and create animated GIFs, similar to Apple's Live Photos feature. As for front-facing cameras, the Nexus 6P gets an 8MP version, the Nexus 5X a 5MP device.