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edge chrome case for apple iphone 6 and 6s - purple/gold

SKU: EN-C10081

edge chrome case for apple iphone 6 and 6s - purple/gold

edge chrome case for apple iphone 6 and 6s - purple/gold

Hardly a day goes by that some high-profile person -- along with countless people of lower profile -- has an account hacked. Weak password, stolen password, non-existent password -- whatever the cause, breaking into our digital lives is easy and getting easier. That's why Google says passwords are no longer the best solution for sensitive accounts. "We contend that security and usability problems are intractable," write Google's Eric Grosse and Mayank Upadhyay, in an article to be published later this month in IEEE Security & Privacy. "It's time to give up on elaborate password rules and look for something better."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The spacious navigation array consists of a tactile toggle with a central OK button, two soft keys, and the Talk and End/power buttons, We had no trouble using the controls, though we'd prefer a dedicated speakerphone button and a back key, You can set the toggle as a shortcut to four user-defined functions, and you can activate shortcut icons on the display, The keypad buttons were rather cramped, actually, Though they're tactile thanks to silver ridges, the black keys may be too edge chrome case for apple iphone 6 and 6s - purple/gold small for users with large hands, What's more, the backlit numbers and letters on the keys are tiny, Users with visual impairments should definitely test this phone before buying, We fumbled at first when trying to dial and text quickly..

This story originally appeared on SmartPlanet. Feature called FocusAssist pauses an online training course when the viewer looks away, ostensibly to "ensure complete end-user engagement." Will this improve employee training, or is it too invasive?. Recently, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 have come equipped with optical sensors that track users' eye movements, and scroll or pause text and images accordingly. Now, a similar approach is being employed on tablet-based training software. Mindflash, which is marketing the online training solution, calls the new capability the "look-away feature." As the company puts it: FocusAssist monitors trainee attention and pauses a training course in the Mindflash application when trainees look away.

LG is among several mobile companies, including one edge chrome case for apple iphone 6 and 6s - purple/gold of its chief competitors, Samsung, eyeing flexible OLED display technology, The companies envision devices featuring fully flexible screens, allowing for more leniency in product design, At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Samsung showed off a 5-inch demo unit with a flexible screen, Nokia has also shown off similar prototypes, A year ago, LG trotted out a design for a flexible display for e-book readers, Word of LG's plans for a flexible display for smartphones comes just after the company reported somewhat weak first-quarter earnings, The company's $135 million profit was down 74 percent compared to the previous quarter..

We contacted Apple for comment, but the company remained tight-lipped on both release dates and prices. They don't half love a bit of cloak and dagger over there at Apple HQ -- not only will they not tell us when the iPad is coming, they won't even tell us when they're going to tell us when the iPad is coming. It's no surprise newspapers and magazines are scrambling to launch apps, given the iPad's big-screen reading experience. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times had apps available for the US launch, as did Marvel Comics. Planned UK-based apps include the Guardian's photo-based app, and subscription-supported portals from the Spectator and the Financial Times.