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After the two talked some at the cocktail party, Kim was smitten and thought about Frank all weekend. As a wife and mom to three growing sons, Kim had given up on the idea that just being in the presence of a man would make her giddy. “It was like I was back in high school,” she says. She next saw him at the reunion’s Sunday picnic. They chatted until she had to leave. After giving each other goodbye hugs, Kim asked for a kiss, and he happily complied. “He was thinking, ‘Wow! I forgot all about this great Southern hospitality,’ ” Kim says.

“Jonathan was here with his friends, listening to music,” Ed Bernbaum told a crowd about his son’s final moments, The father described Jonathan Bernbaum, an internationally known visual artist, as someone who was generous, who took to “mentoring other artists rather than seeing them as competitive threats.”, Soaring costs, Bernbaum said, make it difficult for artists like his son to find safe living and performance spaces. After the crochet ballet shoes keyring bag charm Ghost Ship tragedy, Bernbaum and two friends founded Vital Arts, an organization that promotes community-based projects to help low- and moderate-income artists in the Bay Area..

“We really underestimated how popular the event will be,” said Leigha Thomas, sales director for the Holiday Inn and Comfort Suites in Albany, Oregon. She said both hotels sold out as soon as rooms became available at the beginning of the year. One San Jose couple, June and John Stolan, recently bought “eclipse glasses” from Amazon and plan to drive up to Oregon for the eclipse. “We are praying for no clouds,” said June, 61, a recently retired nurse. If you don’t have a pair of the special glasses that allow you to view the eclipse safely, don’t panic. Many local libraries are handing them out for free, and there are a variety of ways to craft a projection method to reflect the eclipse onto a flat surface.

If Springsteen hadn’t spent time surfing YouTube and come across snippets of his concerts with terrible sound quality, he might not have reached out to Nugs, Serling said, The recordings come from a mix of a band’s sound board at a show and from the venue itself, a combination that promotes clarity and avoids sterility, Nugs sells recordings through their acts’ website and on their crochet ballet shoes keyring bag charm own, trying to make it an easy experience for the musicians, Financial details of the arrangements aren’t released..

“In France, they do things big,” Muller said. “They take food, wine and noir very seriously over there. One of the badges of honor I wear most proudly is that the French, who pride themselves on being great cinephiles, have totally accepted me and said, ‘This guy’s for real.’ “. When he’s not globe-trotting, making the rounds of the festival circuit or journeying to Argentina to retrieve rare films never seen outside their native country, Muller lives and works in the elegant craftsman home on the border of Alameda’s Gold Coast that he has shared with his wife for more than 20 years.