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ballet slippers shellac

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ballet slippers shellac

Nivas, who’s also one of the dancers featured in Saturday’s Move to the Now event (see below), says that over the years, Chitras Das has found new audience members and students by participating in Dance Week. “Our master classes are very well-attended, and our introductory classes expose the art form to people who are curious,” she says. “Some turn into repeat patrons, and we’ve even gotten new students who joined the academy. It’s a win win.”. Here are just a few of the other win-win opportunities over the next 10 days. For a complete schedule, go to

Preljocaj’s influence is ballet slippers shellac clear in the dancing scenes — even an early one in which the title character is played as an 8-year-old by Veronika Zhovnytska, and later as a teenager by Anastasia Shevtsova, a former member of the Mariinsky Ballet, There’s an intensity and authenticity to Polina’s unrehearsed movements, as well as to the work she puts into dance, The story tracks Polina through her acceptance by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, her decision to instead follow a boyfriend (Niels Schneider) to study in France with a teacher of modern dance (Juliette Binoche, herself a trained dancer) and Polina’s gradual disillusionment and ultimate re-engagement with the art..

Performed at times as much for comedy as melodiousness, the vocals are strong, especially in the harmonies (music directed by Brandon Adams). Everyone’s given a chance to shine a little, although the live music from a five-piece band — playiong offstage — occasionally got muffled. Lee Martino’s choreography captures the cute little synchronized dance moves typical of early ’60s singing groups. Keeling’s Skip is understated, and he doesn’t particularly stand out vocally, so it’s hard to buy the premise that the group would be lost without him. In fact the stakes feel pretty low throughout, for both the competition and the romance. After all, almost all of the play is band practice in a basement. It’s lightweight entertainment, but it gets the job done, assuming the job is to deliver the hits of yesteryear in an appealing and amusing package. That’s what a Roger Bean show is all about.

And after ballet slippers shellac more hits like “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “Shameless” and main set closer “The Dance,” Brooks delivered on that promise in the encore, While he did “Face to Face,” “Ireland” and throwback “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old),” Brooks took a moment to enjoy being “the old guy in the business” and invited Lee Brice, who preceded him on the Mane Stage, to come up and do “More Than a Memory.” There was even a wonderful little moment where Brooks seemed a little unsure about who should start and had Brice take the first vocal..

Doreen’s School of the Dance presents ‘Move!’. ANTIOCH — Doreen’s School of the Dance will present its annual dance show at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Beede Auditorium, Antioch High School, 700 W. 18th St. Dancers ages 3 through adult are celebrating the studio’s 61 years of dance education with a variety show including tap, jazz and ballet. Net proceeds benefit AHS and Deer Valley College Scholarship programs. For more information, call 925-757-8981. Tickets. are available at the door.