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While Lopez’s speech went for the heart, Cardi B aimed for jokes. The rapper, in her well-known silly demeanor, “opened” the show — not with a performance, but with cute jokes. The new mom was onstage pretending to hold a baby, but she then revealed to the audience that it was actually a Moonman, which she won earlier in the night for song of the summer for her No. 1 hit, “I Like It,” with Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Cardi B, who gave birth last month, also won best new artist and said people told her she was “gambling your career” when she decided to become a mother.

She also remembers vividly the day the fire ballet flats eyeshadow destroyed the Fairmont campus in 1924, Parella said her mother was in the midst of shampooing her hair when they were told the building was ablaze, “There were no houses between our house and the school,” Parella said, “My mother put a towel around my head, and we went upstairs to watch.”, After the fire, the school district moved the students in the upper grades to the Stege Elementary campus in Richmond and “built shacks” on the site to accommodate the younger kids, Parella said..

It’s no picnic, and despite being outside under an expansive sky, it’s actually a gourmet dance and culinary banquet of locally sourced ingredients. And that’s just for starters. Choreographer Julia Adam has more magic in store for her “Quintessence” event, the latest in her annual celebration of dance, food and nature in West Marin. This year, she enticed Joanna Berman, her fellow former principal ballerina from the San Francisco Ballet, to come out of retirement and dance with her own troupe.

Strong box office performance in the past has troupes like the National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China returning, Groups introduced because they “just seemed really cool and interesting” include first-timers like DakhaBrakha from the Ukraine, The quartet blends folk music ballet flats eyeshadow and contemporary rhythms with African and Eastern European instrumentation, “In the end, I focused on bringing the world to Livermore and, on the flip-side, engaging local artists like Karen Margot and Le Jazz Hot and The Ray Charles Project, who we hope will be a hit with our audience in Livermore.”..

“Knight Rider” Banghra — Shawn and Derek, assigned by Emmitt and Cheryl. “Big Top” Jazz — Apolo and Karina, assigned by Gilles and Peta before being eliminated. “Espionage” Lindy hop — Emmitt and Cheryl, assigned by Shawn and Derek. “Surfer” Flamenco — Kelly and Val, assigned by Melissa and Tony. There will be no “Mad Monk” Merengue, since that was the dance Gilles and Peta would have done, darn. For the uninformed, Tom said that “banghra” is an Indian folk dance.